Local Buying Tips


Whether you're a first-time buyer just getting started, or an experienced real estate investor, we've got the information you need on home buying, home selling, financing and owning real estate.

Make sure you are ready - psychologically and financially. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have steady income? Is my debt lower than my total income? Do I have enough money to pay for the down payment and closing costs? Am I working hard enough to improve bad credit? A house needs constant care and attention. Also ask yourself if your budget will allow for unexpected repairs and upkeep. Once you can honestly answer "yes" to these questions, you are several steps ahead of the game and that much closer to becoming a homeowner. 


“I strive to make the purchase of your home and all of the associated activities free of stress, easy to understand, and at times, even fun. My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional service throughout our relationship.”

Step 1 - Preapproval: Get pre-approved from a lender, local or national, so you can determine whether you qulaify for a loan and how much you qualify for. This will also demonstrate to seller's and your agent that you are a serious buyer.

Step 2 - Search Listings: Look through internet websites for properties in your area of interest. You can start by visiting century21.com.

Step 3 Contact an Agent: Contact me at 660-358-4003 to schedule showings of the homes you have chosen. I can show you homes that other agents and other companies have listed.

Step 4 - Offer: Make an offer! I will help you negoitiate a contract on the home you choose.

Step 5 - Inspections: I will help coordinate all inspections to bring you peace of mind.

Step 6 - Closing: This is the final step. This is when you take possession and ownership of your new home and all final documents are signed.